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Issimo Relaxation Massage

Surrounded by nature during this therapy session you can translate in anywhere you want relaxing the entire body. Ideal for any kind of person and a very good choice of massage to reduce tension, relieve muscle aches, arthritis. We use Swedish technique, the Best – known; is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, helps having better circulation!.

45 min $69 / 60 min $79
1 hour ½ $115
Couples 45 m $110 / 1 hour $140.


Angel Touches Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy of full body massage, gentle and so relaxing, we use es-sential oils to helps to reduce stress, tension muscles and joint aches. combining effleurage and Swedish technique using pressure points too.

45 min $75 / 60 min $85
Couples  1 hour $145.

You can choose one or two essential oils:

Lavender: Universal oil: Perfect for burns, insom-nia, stress, bug bites antidepressant and calming.
Orange: Anxiety, fear, digestion, menopause, anti-depressant and calming.
Tea Tree: Antibacterial. Best known for treating wounds.
Eucalyptus: Coughs, asthma, circulation, cooling, expectorant - analgesic, support the respiratory system.
Rosemary: Alcoholism, respiratory issues, healthy hair, Alcoholism.
Mint: Stimulates your brain, supports digestive and emotional health. Antibacterial, anti-spasmodic and ache reducer., increasing circulation.
Cinnamon: Great for infections, mold, and even low libido, Aphrodisiac.


Deep Invigorating Massage

A vigorous massage in all your body, focusing in your back, neck and shoulders to finish at the deepest layers of muscle tissue and tendons. We combine different techniques of Deep tissue, Swedish, Reflexology. The deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing muscle contractions. (Please communicate your pain levels to the therapist during your treatment).

60 min $90 / 1 hour ½ $120.


Hot Stones Therapy Massage

Is a gentle full body massage using basalt hot stones combining Swe-dish technique and feet reflexology. Has a sedative effect, reduces chronic stress and tension, increase your flexibility created by strained and contracted muscles. This therapy is recommended to relax the muscles, provides relief from pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome.

60 minutes $95 / 1 hour ½ $130.


Back & Neck Massage

Back & Neck Massage : Focuses on your upper back, neck and shoulders with the Deep Tissue technique, we use hands, palms and elbows, including a feet mas-sage. Relieve headaches, stress, and aches from physical work or activity.

30 min $59.


Full Reflexology

This is a complete reflexology ther-apy using pressure points. Deeply relaxing, we´ll help relieve your feet, toes, ankle pain. In hands help to reduce pain (carpal tunnel syn-drome), also plantar fasciitis and common forms of arthritis or for in-juries or even everyday work. In-cluded face, scalp massage, it is very relaxing. (Please communicate your pain levels to the therapist during your treatment).

45 minutes /$65.


Mini Facial

Is our special facial to restore your skin's natural radiance and clarity. We clean your face, exfoliation to remove impurities followed by “clay mask”, vitamin E, and the facial toner is a mix of essential oils, ending with a gentle face and scalp massage.

30 minutes / $50.


Manicure $59 / Pedicure $79




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